How To Prepare Your Business Parking Lot For Freezing Temperatures


Winter is quickly approaching and before the snow and ice begins to collect outside, you should make sure you and your business parking lot are ready. Your customers need a safe area to park and travel across and your asphalt parking lot needs to be protected from winter's damage. Here are some recommendations to keep your asphalt parking lot protected and maintained for winter weather. Complete Fall Repairs Preventative maintenance to your parking lot can be completed during fall, which usually provides sunny, mild, and dry weather perfect for repairing your asphalt parking lot.

17 December 2018

Need New Sidewalks And Improved Driveways In Your Subdivision? Contact A Paving Company Fast


When you live in a neighborhood full of asphalt driveways, it doesn't make sense for people to spend money replacing and repairing concrete sidewalks. If the concrete sidewalks are uneven, cracked, damaged and ugly, it's time to improve the subdivision. Instead of using concrete again, it's time to consider making a change to asphalt sidewalks to benefit the community. You also want to encourage the property owners to have their driveways sealcoated at the same time to improve the appeal and home values in the neighborhood.

1 August 2018

Had Your Driveway Repaved With Stamped Concrete? 4 Steps To Protect Your Investment Through The Winter


If you've recently had your driveway repaved with stamped concrete, you've got to practice extreme caution during the winter, especially if you live in an area that's experiencing severe winter weather right now. While stamped concrete is beautiful, it is more susceptible to winter damage, particularly when temperatures dip below freezing. To avoid winter damage to your stamped concrete this winter, here are four safety precautions you should follow. Start the Winter with a Good Sealing

23 January 2018

2 Asphalt Paving Options To Consider For Your New Driveway


When considering your options to pave a driveway on your property, there are several paving options you can choose from. Depending on your budget and the look you want for your driveway, asphalt paving materials provide some affordable and durable options. Here are two options you can consider for your new asphalt-paved driveway. Recycled Asphalt A less expensive option for paving your driveway is by using reclaimed asphalt or grated asphalt materials.

9 August 2017

How To Properly Care For Your Commercial Parking Lot


As a business owner, it is up to you to you to make sure that your parking lot is in the best possible condition for your customers, employees, and delivery drivers. In order to lessen the odds of someone being injured in your parking lot and to improve the curb appeal of your business, you will want to make use of the following parking lot maintenance tips. Keep It Swept

13 June 2017

3 Simple Ways To Add Value To Your Home On A Budget


If you would like to sell your home within the next few months, making upgrades is a great way to get more money for the property than you originally invested. There are many affordable upgrades and changes that would make a significant difference in the appearance of the home. Those who are looking for a new place to live may be willing to spend more if they like what they see.

5 January 2017

3 Ways To Get Your Blacktop Parking Lot Ready For Winter


If you own a business with a blacktop parking lot, there are a few steps that you are going to want to take before winter gets into full swing to help it prepare for all the winter weather that it is going to encounter. #1 Clean Your Parking Lot The first thing that you want to do is clean your parking lot. Over the course of the year, lots of oil and other liquids get onto your parking lot.

14 November 2016

Tips For Hiring A Concrete Company For A Driveway


If your house only has grass or gravel as a driveway, upgrading to a paved one can add both financial and aesthetic value to your property.  A paved concrete driveway will also be more convenient, as you won't have to walk on wet grass to get to your car when it rains. It will also be a lot easier to shovel if you live in a snowy climate. Creating a paved driveway is more complicated than pouring concrete over the ground, so consider hiring a professional paving contractor or concrete company to do the dirty work for you.

4 November 2016

How To Use Cold-Formula Crack Filler


If you have a patch of asphalt with a few cracks, it is probably smart to fix them as soon as possible. The longer you leave the cracks alone, the more likely it is that they will grow and lead to cracks that will become more expensive and more time consuming to fix. It is always smart to fix them as soon as possible and save yourself some money in the long run.

29 August 2016

Can't Afford to Repave Your Asphalt Driveway Yet? What Fixes Can Get You Through?


If your asphalt driveway has begun to develop cracks due to age, the topography of your driveway, or other environmental factors, you may be wondering whether there's anything you can do to stem further damage without committing to a total repaving. Allowing cracks to sit unfilled during colder times of year can exacerbate the problem by permitting water to enter the cracks and then freeze, which widens the cracks. What are your best repair options short of repaving?

16 August 2016